Factory Trained Technicians



Compliance Testing
Fuel Pros, Inc. (Fuel Pros) Testing Division is comprised of certified professionals, equipped with state of the art testing equipment, committed to insuring complete compliance with all Regulatory requirements for fuel dispensing equipment.  Our technicians are rigorously trained and continuously updated with all pertinent testing protocol and procedures.  Our technicians are familiar with various system configurations and equipment and can accurately pinpoint failures rapidly.  Dispatchers utilize our state of the art data base to effectively track and insure compliance.  Duplicate testing records and history are maintained at our facility to assist clientele with compliance and certification deadlines.
Fuel Pros Testing Services
  • Designated operator monthly inspections
  • Annual Monitoring Certifications
  • SB-989 Secondary Containment Testing
  • Precision Product Line Testing
  • Mechanical and Electronic Leak Detection
  • Vapor Recovery Testing
  • Spill Box Testing
  • Helium Pin-Point Testing
  • Permitting & Agency Coordination
  • Document tracking
  • Inspection date tracking
  • Inspection Pre-Notification
  • Phase I and II Site Investigations