Factory Trained Technicians



Fuel Pros, Inc. (Fuel Pros) Carwash Division is comprised of technicians and mechanics proficient in the installation and maintenance of all major carwash systems.  Fuel Pros can install complete carwash systems including; structures, equipment, water reclamation systems, reverse osmosis systems, electric controls and all related components.  The group is authorized by major manufacturers to provide routine maintenance, retro-fits, and preventative maintenance programs.  Site specific information is maintained in a central data base which allows management to track site history, operating equipment, and scheduled maintenance programs.  Management can assist operators with feasibility studies, traffic control, system selection and permitting.         
Fuel Pros Carwash Services
  • Structure design and installation
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Friction In-Bay Automatic Wash
  • Touch free In-Bay Automatic Wash
  • Drive Through Fleet Wash
  • Conveyor Tunnel Wash
  • Large Vehicle Wash
  • Rollover & Tunnel Washes
  • Water reclamation system installation
  • Reverse Osmosis system installation
  • Electronic controls
  • Electrical hook-up and wiring
  • Complete system repair and maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Equipment replacement and retro-fits
  • Chemical (soap & wax) delivery
  • Planning and permitting